Something wrong with wordpress-or what I am doing wrong?


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Hi readers, I changed my password settings this week and I can’t enter anymore.
I thought: ‘Maybe I’ve forgotten it.’ So I made a request for a new password.
Then they give me a code on my mobile phone. I have followed the instructions carefully.
And I enter the code. After that, I’m given the opportunity to type a new password.
After that, I click ‘reset password’. After that, seemingly everything is fine, and they ask me to log in with my new password.
Strangely enough, sometimes it works and sometimes not. I’m given the chance to type a new post, but when I click on ‘my stats’ or my profile of Aphrodite, I’m kicked out again :(.
Does someone of you know what’s going on? Or how can I find a wordpress page where I can address my problem properly?
If you know the answer yourself, you can always send an e-mail to


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